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Yufan Machinery Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in R&D, manufacturing, manufacturing and sales services. Mainly engaged in industrial pneumatic / hydraulic / spring diesel engine starter, industrial air motor, pneumatic / hydraulic energy storage start system, marine equipment and accessories.

With years of industry experience and technical capabilities, the company has developed dozens of industrial-specific pneumatic and hydraulic functions with deceleration, braking, clutching and other functions with high-quality Australian austrat air motor and American KTI hydraulic motor as the core components. Drive System. At the same time, it specializes in diesel engine starting system and high-quality imported parts of diesel engine, and provides customers with design solutions for engine starting system. The austart turbine air starter motor sold by Yufan Machinery Technology is widely recognized as the safest motor in the industry. It has long been used in industrial equipment, including chemical and pharmaceutical, steel and coal, shipbuilding, oilfield, environmental protection and many other fields.

Since its establishment in the year, the company has actively advocated the business philosophy of "professional technical services to create value for customers". It has formed its own unique style in the industry and established a good company reputation to ensure quality, quick response and good faith cooperation. A technical trading company with strong technical development capabilities, professional sales team and service guarantee system. As a dynamic technology-based trading company, the company has always insisted on strengthening corporate management, combining the promotion of business operations, technological advancement and strengthening corporate culture, working hard and accumulating. The company will provide our customers with excellent products and professional technical services with unremitting efforts, pioneering spirit and courage to shoulder the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with our customers.


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